Michael D 10th January 2013 13:36

Test post!

This is a test news post, it is to demonstrate how the news function works, and the many post formatting options which are available.

Here we have a heading

Here we have a smaller heading

Here we have bold text.

Here we have italic text.

Here we have underline text.

Here we have an unordered list,
  • Cake
  • Pizza
  • Pie

Here we have an ordered list,
  1. Pizza
  2. Cream Pie
  3. Cake

Here we have indented the text.
Indented more!
Here we have a link, to google.

And here, we have an image:

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Michael D 10th January 2013 13:03

New site beta launch!

We have launched a new test version of the Chaos Angel website. It is still under development, however it should be ready to be seen by people now!

Along with the new website, there is many new features and upcoming new features.

More news and updates in the coming months!

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